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            AndroGel Lawsuits Filed for Stroke and Heart Attack - Attorneys Handling Testosterone Lawsuits Offer No-Cost, No-Obligation AndroGel Case Review

            AndroGel Lawyer

            No-Cost, No-Obligation AndroGel Testosterone Lawsuit Case Review

            Testosterone Heart Attack Lawsuit Center

            Information about AndroGel Lawsuits from Lawyers Handling Testosterone Lawsuits Nationwide

            Men taking testosterone replacement drugs face a two- and three-fold risk for heart attack and stroke, recent research has revealed. Federally-approved only for men facing genuine medical problems stemming from low testosterone serum levels known as hypogonadism, testosterone replacement therapies are widely used in the U.S. and around the world for a variety of maladies. Endocrinologists and researchers highlight the lack of evidence supporting the benefits of testosterone therapy, syaing heart attack and stroke risks outweigh the drug’s potential benefits.

            In fact, the use of testosterone boosting drugs has tripled in the U.S. since 2001. AbbVie, the maker of AndroGel, and other companies that sell similar testosterone products, have rebranded hypogonadism as “Low T”, launching aggressive disease awareness campaigns that encourage men to self-diagnose. Marketing websites for AndroGel and other testosterone products imply the drug can be used to improve mood, increase libido, and boost energy, while skimming over the cardiovascular risks associated with taking testosterone. Many experts have suggested that marketing for testosterone replacement therapies such as AndroGel has outpaced research on the medical implications of the product. Testosterone products are now the subject of warnings from the FDA and Consumer Reports based on AndroGel heart attack and stroke risks.

            Testosterone products have become some of the most popular prescription drugs in the world and have yielded billions in profits to drug companies. Three million prescriptions were written for AndroGel alone during 2012. Total sales of testosterone boosting drugs exceeded $2 billion in 2012, and are projected to reach $5 billion by 2017.

            If you or a loved one experienced a stroke or heart attack while taking AndroGel or another similar product, testosterone lawyers believe you may have grounds to file a testosterone lawsuit for damages, harm, or loss suffered as a result of a heart attack or stroke. The makers of AndroGel and other testosterone drugs were aware of the risks of cardiovascular events including heart attack and stroke, yet have continued to market their products widely. Each AndroGel lawsuit that is filed will serve to increase AbbVie’s accountability to consumers for the safety of its product. The AndroGel Testosterone Lawsuit Center serves as a public resource on heart attack risks and stroke risks, including information on testosterone FDA warnings, how to choose an AndroGel lawyer, and how to file a testosterone lawsuit.

            AndroGel Heart Attack Risk

            Testosterone Heart AttackDrugs that provide supplemental testosterone have been found to increase the risk of heart attack for some men as much as two- to three-fold. The risk of AndroGel heart attack is currently under investigation by the FDA, and many medical experts suggest that the potential benefits of taking testosterone may be outweighed by the heart attack risk. This page provides information about the studies that have revealed the AndroGel heart attack risk and the warnings that have been issued by federal regulators, as well as the science behind the testosterone heart attack connection.

            Testosterone Stroke Warning

            AndroGel Stroke Risk

            Based on the results of numerous recent studies, many doctors agree that the risk of stroke from AndroGel is significant. Testosterone stroke warnings have been issued by the FDA and by Consumer Reports, suggesting that the drug’s health problems may outweigh its benefits. Critics say that marketing campaigns aimed at selling testosterone products lead to generally healthy men taking the drug needlessly, exposing themselves unnecessarily to risk for stroke. This section provides information about the studies conducted on AndroGel stroke, testosterone stroke warnings, and the physiology behind the AndroGel stroke risk.

            Testosterone Heart Attack Lawyer

            AndroGel Lawsuits

            Men who experienced stroke or heart attack while taking testosterone may be eligible to file an AndroGel lawsuit. The first AndroGel stroke and heart attack lawsuits were filed in early 2014, alleging the drug company AbbVie glossed over the risks of heart attack and stroke in its advertising campaigns. The plaintiffs in these testosterone lawsuits claim they were inadequately warned of the serious risks connected with the substance. If you or a loved one experienced a stroke or heart attack while taking testosterone, you may have legal grounds to file an AndroGel lawsuit.

            Testosterone Stroke Lawyers FAQ

            AndroGel Lawsuit FAQs

            The Testosterone Lawsuit FAQs page provides answers to the questions most commonly posed to our attorneys handling AndroGel heart attack and stroke lawsuits. The section explains who is most at risk for testosterone stroke and Androgel heart attack, and explains how to choose an Androgel stroke lawyer or file a testosterone heart attack lawsuit. Filing an AndroGel lawsuit can help increase pharmaceutical company accountability, and provides meaningful compensation for men and the families of men who have been harmed by testosterone products.

            AndroGel Heart Attack Lawyer

            AndroGel Lawyers

            This section provides an overview of the legal services provided by our AndroGel lawyer team. Because our firm works on a contingency basis, there is never any fee for testosterone lawyer services unless we collect for you. AndroGel heart attack and stroke lawyers are providing free case reviews for persons who believe they may have grounds for a testosterone claim.

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